Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 2009 Errata

What a pleasant surprise, to have found this little gem on the WotC forums! A LOT of problematic things have been fixed in this update, and I'll list a few of my favorites below:
  • Swordmage Warding applies whenever you're conscious. Before, if you were knocked out and then healed up, you wouldn't have your Warding for the rest of the encounter. It now pops back up as soon as you come to.
  • Call of the Beast affects enemies only now, making it actually worthwhile! Protect that flanked defender.
  • Bloodclaw/Reckless are encounter powers now!!! I can't express how happy I am about this. I really hate when an item is a must-have for several different builds (in this case all melee strikers). I've also never really liked that because of cheesy items like these strikers vastly surpassed other roles in terms of damage. Now secondary strikers (like my favorite class, Druids) are more competitive.
  • Storm/Hurricane of Blades is no longer dependent on Con. Yay for narrowing the gap between Ragebloods and Thaneborns!
  • Phrenic Crown/Earthroot staff only apply a penalty to the first save.
  • Avengers will actually wear cloth now
  • Double Sword isn't mechanically superior to every other option, but it's still viable because of the Defensive Property and the reduced cost compared to maintaing 2 separate magic weapons.
  • Cloak of distortion's defense bonus equals the enhancement bonus, instead of a flat 5 (more acceptable at lower levels now!)
  • Spitting Cobra Stance is an immediate reaction (happens 1/round) instead of an Opportunity Attack (1/opponent's turn)
  • Barbarian at-wills that require 2 handed weapons now work with versatile weapons wielded in 2 hands (so small characters can actually use them)
  • Needlefang Drake swarms aren't as scary
  • Storm Pillar is clarified to prevent forced movement abuse
  • Eldritch Strike can be taken by Warlocks at character creation instead of Eldritch Blast
There's way more updates than just these, but these are the main ones that caught my attention.

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