Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rats In the Sewer, and New 13th Age Monsters

First thing's first, I downloaded an excellent fan-made adventure for D&D Next called Rats in the Sewer (I'd ask that any of my players who reads this NOT look at the adventure, which I plan on running at some point).  While I may run it for D&D Next, I was also thinking that it would work pretty well with 13th Age, since the simple-to-create-monsters in that system makes adventure conversions very easy. The adventure uses monsters from the Bestiary of the first D&D Next playtest packet, not all of which are currently available in the Escalation Edition of 13th Age.  So I figured I'd write up some stat blocks for them.

Fire Beetle  Level 1 Troop   Initiative +2
M  Bite +6 vs AC, 4 damage
AC 18   PD 15   MD 11   HP 26
Luminescent Glands:  Fire Beetles emit their own source of dim light.

Giant Centipede  Level 1 Mook   Initiative +3
M  Bite +5 vs AC, ongoing 3 poison damage
AC 16   PD 15   MD 11   HP 7 (to kill a single mook)

Grey Ooze   Level 2 Wrecker   Initiative +4
M Slam +7 vs AC, 8 acid damage; +4 damage and daze on a natural 16+
AC 15   PD 13   MD 10   HP 50
Resist 16+ cold and fire damage, Blindsight, can climb vertical surfaces at full speed

Gelatinous Cube   Large Level 3 Troop   Initiative +3
M Slam +8 vs AC, 20 acid damage and engulf (save ends) on a natural even hit
AC 18   PD 17   MD 13   HP 100
 Engulf:  Target takes 10 acid damage at the start of its turn; up to 3 creatures
Blindsight, Transparent (increase DC to spot it by +5)

Goblin King  Level 2 Leader   Initiative +6
M Short Sword +7 vs AC, 6 damage (9 if target is engaged with ally)
R Short Bow +7 vs AC, 6 damage, nearby allies can roll attacks twice against target and use better result
AC 18   PD 16   MD 13   HP 40
Disengage +5 (only needs to roll a 6+ to disengage)

Human Barbarian Warrior  Level 2 Wrecker   Init +5
M Longspear:  +7 vs AC, 7 damage + Reach Tricks
OR M Greataxe:  +6 vs AC, 10 damage
R Javelin +7 vs AC, 6 damage
AC 16   PD 17   MD 12   HP 40
Reach Tricks:  If equipped with Longspear, 1/battle succeed at a normal save to use reach to your advantage (attack enemy you're not engaged with, OA vs enemy who disengaged + moved, OA vs enemy who engages, etc). 

Comments and criticisms welcome.  13th Age is currently available for preorder.

EDIT:  Changed stat blocks so that damage expressions are in line with EE3; removed goblin warrior since Goblin Grunt is now a troop instead of a mook.

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