Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Execute Order 66

I just wanted to give a shout out to the Order 66 Podcast, which I began listening to a few episodes ago.  This show has one of the highest production values of any gaming podcast that I've listened to, and there's a lot of really interesting and helpful information.  They used to cover Star Wars Saga Edition, but now they've switched over to Edge of the Empire and are 3 episodes into the "new" show.  The forums there are pretty good as well.

The shows tend to run pretty long (Episode 2 was FOUR HOURS!), but it's easy to listen to them in smaller chunks and it really just goes to show what a wealth of information you get.  There's a short section called Skill Monkey where a specific scenario is discussed and different options for applying the narrative dice are explored (a must-listen, in my opinion), they answer listener questions, and there's a section called Fragments from the Rim that outlines a specific roleplaying concept for the Star Wars universe and how that can be realized in EotE.  The "meat" of the show tackles some broad concept; for example, in the most recent episode there's a lengthy discussion of Obligation and how it's used, with the guy that wrote that section as a special guest!  Needless to say, I'll be following Order 66 regularly in the future.

An affiliate site, the Gaming Security Agency, is a collection of blogs and a valuable source of information.  A few recent articles discuss the design of the custom dice (Terminal Outcomes and its Follow Up), but there's also pre-gens, stat blocks, and various other EotE-related articles.

Finally, since this post is basically about outlining some various web resources for EotE, I'd be remiss if I didn't recognize Wookieepedia.  While not directly related to EotE, this Star Wars wiki is probably the most comprehensive source of information on the web.  Galaxy Masters are sure to utilize it heavily when planning storylines, and players may even find it useful when creating backstories for their characters. 

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