Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updated Reference Sheets for Edge of the Empire

I had some reference sheets floating around from the Beta, but now that my gaming group has started playing again with the core rulebook I decided I'd revise the sheets (since we went through that first session using slightly erroneous rules).

Here they are, for anyone who wants them.  There's a general reference sheet with an extremely consolidated table for spending Advantage/Threat, a list of weapon qualities, and some other misc. bits of information that I found myself wanting to have handy in-game.  Second is a starship reference sheet, which has benefitted from a more comprehensive overhaul since the beta version.  It's got the pilot and crew maneuvers/actions (though I didn't include obvious and intuitive things like making Gunnery checks), the Chase rules, Astrogation details, and notes on Sensors and repairing Hull Trauma.

These sheets may not be absolutely perfect for everyone.  Some people might prefer separate tables for Advantage and Threat, for example, but personally I like the concise table since many of the effects are mirror images of each other, and I tend to improvise a lot anyways.  I also left out some information that probably wouldn't come up too often (Bacta rules, some of the less commonly-encountered weapon qualities), and certainly didn't clutter the sheets up with basics like dice symbols, which I've got down.

That said, I'm sure there are plenty of gamers out there who think along the same lines as me, so if these look useful use them!

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