Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dicey Stunts Reference Cards

In an effort to remind my players about the option for Dicey Stunts I printed out these cards and taped them to the cardboard from an old cereal box with packing tape (improvised laminated cardstock).  Or if you've got cardstock you can of course just print it on that.  It worked!  Having a physical object on the table served as a reminder, and saved time since nobody had to dig out a sheet or pull up a screen to look up examples.

If you're familiar with the sub-system then you'll probably only need the Example Stunts cards out for the players, but in this new campaign that my group has started out we're rotating GMing duties after each 3-4 session episodic adventure.  I'm the only one who has actually GMed 13th Age before, so having the "Using Dicey Stunts" and "Risks" cards for the other GMs should make it easier for them to adjudicate stunts.

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