Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Magic Item Vault

Here are a handful of magic items that I worked up for the PCs in my game.

Champion Tier Magic Items

Dwarven Cloak
+2 to PD

You can enter stone and walk in it as if it were a very thick fluid, but you can't "swim."

Quirk: You season your food with sand and small bits of stone.

Lifedrinker (sword)
+2 to attack and damage

Recharge 11+: When you kill the target the blade absorbs its soul, which you can use to either heal using a recovery, or you can animate a corpse* that you touch.

Quirk: Your beverage of choice: blood.

*When you animate a corpse you create a zombie mook of the same level as the original creature.

Level  Attack  Damage  HP  AC  PD  MD
1          +5           3          10    14    12    8
2          +6           4          12    15    13    9
3          +7           5          15    16    14    10
4          +8           6          18    17    15    11
5          +9           8          23    18    16    12
6          +10         10        28    19    17    13
7          +11         16        33    20    18    14
8          +12         20        42    21    19    15
9          +13         18        52    22    20    16
10        +14         34        61    23    21    17

Demonbane Axe  (axe)
+2 to attack and damage

Always: The axe blade glows red when demons are nearby, and its surface depicts a compass that points to the nearest hellhole.

1/battle: +4 to attack and +1d12 damage (hit or miss) when attacking a demon.

Quirk: You talk to fire.

Deflection Staff  (staff)
+2 to attack and damage

Recharge 16+: When you're hit with an attack, take half damage and the attacker takes half.  If the attack inflicts a condition, roll a normal save; on a success, the attacker suffers it instead of you.

Quirk: You constantly admire yourself in mirrors.

Coatl Ring

Recharge 6+: At the start of your turn roll a save against one effect.

Always: When falling from a great distance, you float to the ground unharmed.

Quirk: You adorn yourself in bright feathers.

Iron's Will (Hammer)
+2 to attack and damage

Recharge 11+: As a quick action you can magnetize the hammer and pull a metal weapon out of a foe's hand, or pull and enemy wearing metal armor into engagement.

Quirk: you like to grab objects out of people's hands.

Captain Crow's Glaive (2-handed reach weapon)
+2 to attack and damage

The first time you roll a natural even miss each battle make a magi's lightning chain attack:  +11 vs PD - 15 lightning damage and each natural even attack lets you target an additional creature.

Quirk: The glaive wants to be returned to the hands of an ogre mage...

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