Friday, June 28, 2013

Heart of the Wild!

After much waiting, the preorder for Heart of the Wild, the next book in the TOR line, is live.  This release has been much anticipated, especially given that we haven't gotten any new material (nor definitive news of new material) since the release of Lake-Town and the announcement of the delays on the upcoming books.  And as a bonus, the book will be hardcover!

There's a lot of upcoming RPG products so I'm not sure if I'll preorder this one or wait until later (13th Age and Edge of the Empire are both being released this month), but it definitely has me intrigued!  It's basically a source book for Wilderland, which will undoubtedly be chock full of random ideas that I can incorporate into future campaigns.  I was extremely impressed with Tales from Wilderland (and I don't generally like published adventures), so I'm sure this will be top-notch as well.  The game certainly needs some new variety of adversaries, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the new playable cultures (River Hobbits and Wayward Elves!).  It'll be especially interesting to see how the Stoors differ from the Shire-Hobbits, especially since iirc in the canon it's unclear whether they still frequent Wilderland at all, in which case they're probably just small, secretive bands of those who haven't quite cleared out yet.

In any case, thought it was worth mentioning since I haven't talked too much about TOR recently.  I haven't played it with my gaming group(s) for several months, though I am still running a PbP game on Roleplay Online and I'm liking the way the game complements the PbP format (if you're interested in lurking, just click on this link and request lurker status).

Anyways, after Heart of the Wild will be Darkening of Mirkwood, which is the big plot-point campaign that's been in the works since the game's release (hints of it are in the core book).  I'm guessing that'll be available this year as well.  After that there will be a Rivendell book, and that's the last we know anything about.  Looking forward to seeing how the line progresses, especially after the fiasco with the PDFs (presumed to be a licensing issue).

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