Tuesday, June 4, 2013

13th Age Options: The Paladin

Note:  This post, formerly called "New Toys for the Paladin," has been retroactively placed into my 13th Age Options series (tag "13A Options").

The Paladin player in my group has been complaining that the class is a bit too simplistic.  While I hope that they eventually provide some extra official options to make the Paladin a bit more complex, these homebrew Talents and Feats should work in the mean time.  I initially posted some of this on the Pelgrane Press forums for feedback, and plenty of other great ideas were suggested there as well (if you want more than presented here).

New Paladin Talent - Channel Divinity

Any time you roll a basic melee attack and it's a natural even hit, you can Channel Divinity as a free action.  You can choose 3 of the following Channel Divinity options when you take this talent.

Divine Vengeance - If the target's next attack hits it takes Holy damage equal to double your level.

Divine Cleansing - The damage you deal with this attack is Holy damage.  In addition, you or a nearby ally gains a +2 bonus to saving throws until the end of your next turn.

Divine Vigor - You or a nearby ally gains temporary hit points equal to double your level.

Divine Banishment - The target pops free of any engagements.

Divine Vanguard - Allies unengaged with the target at the start of their turn that engage and attack the target before the start of your next turn deal bonus damage equal to your Cha modifier if they hit (double Cha at Champion, triple at Epic).

Divine Enervation - If the attack hits and you used Smite Evil you can choose to deal half damage and Weaken the target.

Adventurer Feat:  Channel Divinity triggers on any natural even roll, hit or miss.
Champion Feat:  Choose a fourth Channel Divinity option.  Once per battle you can lower the natural result of your die roll by 1.
Epic Feat:  Once per battle you can heal using a Recovery when you Channel Divinity.


Smite Evil Adventurer Feat - On a natural 16+ the target becomes Vulnerable (save ends) to all damage.

Paladin's Challenge Adventurer Feat - If a challenged enemy hits one of your allies with a melee attack it takes Holy damage equal to your level + Cha modifier (double Cha mod at Champion, triple at Epic).


General Feats

Defensive Rally (Adventurer Tier Feat) - Whenever you use the Rally action you gain a +2 bonus to all defenses.

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