Saturday, September 22, 2012

13 True Ways FUNDED!!!!

The 13 True Ways Kickstarter is officially over, and I'm very excited to see so many of the stretch goals met!  Perhaps most importantly for players who like a variety of classes, 3 additional ones join the ranks of the Druid, Monk, and Chaos Shaman:  they are the Necromancer, the Battle Captain, and the Occultist.  The Battle Captain will be a Warlord style class, and the Occultist looks to be a type of demon summoner (the Necromancer should be self-explanatory). 

It's awesome that an expansion for a game that hasn't even been officially released yet has garnered so much support.  Perhaps those that have followed the Escalation Edition shouldn't be surprised, as the quality of those drafts really speak for themselves.

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